Nature Cutting Boards

Nature Cutting Boards

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Bread Board-Platter-5

Bread Board Small platter 5 with 1 large and 1 small Turkish bowl, carved indent, 3 cheese knives, toothpick holder and handles. Dimensions: 50 cm x 30 cm 


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Bread Board-Platter2A

Bread Board-Platter 2A $265 Set of knives- 3 turkish Bowels -Size may vary. Nature Cutting Boards are Australian Made. Looking lovely to serve your guests with.


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Bread Board-Round Pizza Board

Dimensions: 32cm x 32cm + 13cm handle -Sizes may vary. This Board is so versatile


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Small Rectangler Cutting Board with one stainless handle

Bread Boards-Ideal as a Small Cheeseboard or perfect to serve toast on so it doesn’t go soggy. A great individual board for serving Tapa’s > Dimensions: 26 x 14.5cm Sizes may vary


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