Exfoliating Face & Body Polish Magnolia

Brand: House of Oils
Product Code: M-SP

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250ml Magnolia Essential Oil & Apricot Kernel Oil   $55.00

Studies have shown that the compound also reduces facial skin redness,

And improves the hydration and visco-elastic properties of the skin,

notably on crow’s feet area. The compound is recommended at 0.1.5%

in anti-ageing products for Face and Eye contour, protective

formulas and anti-redness skin care

To Use, 1.  Scoop out a small amount, ensuring you don't stir the product

  1. Massage over all of your dry skin, using gentle pressure and small,circular       motions.

3.Take a bit more time over dry,rough areas like elbows,knees and heels.

4.Rinse off under the shower ( don't use soap)  Your skin will be left feeling so soft and luscious.

You need to know:

Our product does not need to be stirred or shaken, and should be kept away from direct sunlight.

And please keep the lip and the lid clean of oil/sugar residue and replace lid tightly.

       be simply beautifully naturally

Kimmy B on 09-12-2019 06:08 PM
I just love the new Exfolient sugar polish Magnolia smells divine and the apricot kernal its so moisturising :}
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