50ml- Exfoliating Face & Body Sugar Polish -Frank

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50ml  Frankincense  Essential Oil Exfoliating Sugar Polish 50ml x $16.00     Also available in  250ml x $55.00

  - Base Oil : Organic Argan Moroccan Oil

Our Frankincense Essential Oil is King of all the Essential Oils 

and we have chosen these two most commanding combinations of -

 Organic Moroccan Argan Oil as our Base Oil for our

new delightful Exfoliating Sugar Polish.


Frankincense Oil is a powerful antitoxin that can prevent

premature ageing and improve

the appearance of pores, wrinkles and even scars.

It also has astringent properties that make it ideal for

 healing and anti-ageing purposes. Argan oil is a moisturizing oil and being natural oil,

it hydrates, softens and protects your skin, it absorbs quickly.

Use: Always apply to dry skin, take the Spatula provided and scoop

out a small amount (thumb full)  of the Sugar & Oil and rub into your skin, 

for 10 seconds and rinse off.ensuring you

don’t Stir the product.Massage over all the dry skin,

using gentle pressure and small circular motions.

Take a wee bit longer over dry rough areas like elbows,

knees, heels Rinse off under the shower or bath.

Care : After Use:

please keep the lip and the lid clean Of oil/sugar residue and replace lid.

All our products are sealed

     be simply beautiful

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