15ml Myrrh- 100% Pure Essential Oil

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15ml Myrrh Essential Oils-$35.00 Botanical name: Commiphora molmol

Myrrh has been known for its calming properties, for this reason it is often used during meditation. The resin was frequently used in incense and perfumes in ancient Egypt, and the oil obtained from it was used for healing wounds in ancient Greece. Ancient Egypt and Punt

The 5th dynasty ruler of Egypt King Sahure recorded the earliest attested expedition to the land of Punt, which brought back large quantities of myrrh, malachite and electrum.

Sahure is shown celebrating the success of this venture in a relief from his mortuary temple which shows him tending a myrrh tree in the garden of his palace named "Sahure's splendor soars up to heaven". This relief is the only one in Egyptian art depicting a king gardening. . Myrrh was used by the ancient Egyptians, along with nation.Wikipedia

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