Commercial electronic messages sent by House of Oils should meet the following conditions as required by the Spam Act 2003.

Any message sent to you that doesn’t meet all three of these conditions is defined as spam:

  • Consent – it must be sent with your consent. You may give express consent, or consent may be inferred from your conduct and ‘existing business or other relationships’. For detailed definitions of Consent visit the Australian Communications Authority website. See URL below
  • Identify – it must contain accurate information about the person or organisation that authorised the sending of the message
  • Unsubscribe – it must contain a functional ‘unsubscribe’ facility to allow you to opt out from receiving messages from us in the future

For further details on the Spam Act 2003 visit the Australian Communications Authority website

If you have any questions or comments about this Spam policy, or if you wish to me removed from an electronic mailing list, please contact House of Oils Privacy Officer Anne Maree on 0438417256